Friday, May 17, 2013


Relax yourself… 

As you sip on your coffee, draw two long drags off your cigarette …here let me light it for you …now ponder over these questions:

Have you come across any signs of unusual discharge or bleeding? Are you finding any difficulty in swallowing or some kind of chronic indigestion? Have you noticed any thickening in your breast, testicles or elsewhere? Any kind of fatigue which has gone unexplained!

Yes??? Great … that means I infected you.

Or else, it is time to – Get Infected.

Prophesies finally revealed that I am going to beat heart diseases and will become the most frequent cause of your death. It is said that I start on and end with humans because I penetrate your every thought and conversation, reside in your memories and invade your imaginations. I am not one but numerous diseases but only called by one word.

The hustle bustle that goes in and around hospital is my favorite place on your planet. It is said that ‘They’ should have a life outside the hospital too. But thanks to me; with the blurry vision of my shell, 24X7 nurses are shuttling fluids in and out, interns in masks and gowns let antibiotics hang on IV poles to be dripped into your veins and doctors move around busily between the rooms, checking the charts, writing orders, prescribing medicines for my shell. The shell is you – my multi-cellular gigantic animal.

The war has been going on since thousands of years. Every time it is me who wins. But if you win then I make sure that I’m back again. Back again to infect you and drag you again to that hustle bustle.  

Now, when I find my way to enter you humans, I will quickly float around your blood, checking out the right spot before I damage your blood cells. I need a place to lay my eggs right? So, then starts the in pin safety pin game.

I know I always choose weird places like neck, throat, groin, armpits, stomach, lungs, breast, ovaries and testicles. I promise to choose a better place in future. Once entered, every system, even your heart will start working at the knife-edge. First fever then the flashes of bleeding will scare you. The abdominal pains will scare the shit out of you. But, by the time my eggs are fully grown and become hard, I will be visible to you.

Make sure not to be scared. You’re my home sweet home and I’m here to help you. Sounds terrifying right!

Well, I’m Cancer and quite hungry all the time ;-)